Les Mains Tendres is a duet formed of Zeneli Codel and Laurence Sabourin that performs violin, accordion, and vocals

They present a repertoire of world music including Quebec folk, Central and Eastern Europe folk, as well as some of their own compositions. Relying on their wide-ranging experience, they craft each tune to give it personalized colour and to bring the audience on a discovery trip. Their performance is vibrating and touching, seeking a large range of emotions.

Les Mains Tendres is their latest collaboration, created in September of 2014. Concurrently they have also been working together on a number of other well-known projects such as the 2016 Juno-nominees Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra, and the multidisciplinary piece Mange Racine. Their duo has already toured in Quebec and Labrador, as well as internationally in Colombia and an upcoming tour in France.Their first album is scheduled for recording in the spring of 2017.